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We take pride in offering the best products and services in the industry. The products we carry provide peace of mind to RV owners through added safety, protection and convenience. Protect your investment and your travel companions with RettroBand®, THIA by Proteng, Internet on the Go and TireMinder Monitoring System.

RettroBand® Tire Blowout Protection

Tire blowouts can be catastrophic. That’s why more and more RV owners are installing RettroBand. Gone are the days of worrying about a blown tire putting the people and things you love at risk.

This product looks almost like a donut that sits inside the inner ring of a tire. In the event that a tire bursts or otherwise loses air, the ring prevents the tire rim from making contact with the ground, allowing you to maintain control of the vehicle and get to a safe space.

See how RettroBand performs when an RV tire blows at 70mph!

Designed with an Australian military supplier, RettroBand provides a built-in spare for your RV tires.

THIA by Proteng Fire Suppression System

When an RV accessory is also used to keep NASA spacecraft safe, you know that you’ve found an awesome upgrade! THIA by Proteng is an automatic fire suppression system that is miles ahead of almost anything else on the market, both in how easy it is to use and how effectively it can prevent fire damage to your RV.

What separates THIA by Proteng from other fire suppression systems like extinguishers and sprinklers is that you don’t have to manually engage it, and there’s no risk of it going off accidentally. This system consists of several self-contained devices that wind through your RV, like inside of the engine compartment. When these devices are heated by flames or other combustion, they immediately burst, dispensing a highly effective extinguishing agent all over the heat source, buying you time to exit the RV to safety.

Proteng’s innovative patent pending system suppresses fire without using toxic chemicals and won’t damage interiors or electronics.

Safeguard your engine, battery, inverter, fuse boxes, transfer switch, dash…any fire-prone area of your RV.

See how automatic fire suppression can help safeguard all that you love!

Internet On The Go

Whether you’re trying to navigate to a specific location, leading your coworkers on a video call from your RV, or about to crush level #226 in whatever candy-themed puzzle game has taken over your phone, consistent internet service is essential. There’s a reason that Internet On The Go has been such a popular solution. With excellent connectivity, high speed, no contracts and no throttling – you can count on Internet on the Go wherever you go!

Get reliable, high-speed internet and WiFi wherever you are in your RV!

Internet On The Go coverage map


The entirety of your RV investment relies upon the tires it rests on. Monitoring tire pressure and tire integrity is extremely important. Enter TireMinder®, a full line of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) that includes both mechanical and digital tire pressure gauges.

The most award-winning RV Tire Monitoring System in North America, TireMinder is the best TPMS solution for motorhomes. Each product TireMinder creates is designed to provide the utmost peace of mind for your journey. With an easy to program interface and fantastic customer support, it’s no wonder why MotorHome and Trailer Life magazines’ readers voted TireMinder #1 for Tire Pressure Monitoring System 10 years in a row!

TireMinder has been voted the #1 Tire Pressure Monitoring System for 10 years in a row!